Monday, October 15, 2007

Frat Boy Wisdom

I managed to scrounge a ticket to the Nebraska-Oklahoma State game debacle last Saturday. For those who missed it, apparently Bill Callahan likes playing in the heat.

It was homecoming, and the entire 1997 national championship team was being honored before the game. (How things can change in 1o years!) The second quarter came to a merciful end. Nebraska on homecoming was down 38-0 at halftime. I never thought I would see the day when things were so bad in Nebraska football land that even the student section was speechless. No cussing, no nothing...they were just shocked.

Two frat boys were sitting behind and had been bantering most of the game. They were really quite amusing. So much so that they were about the only reason I stayed through the 3rd quarter.

The team is trucking it to the locker room for half time before people can start booing. One frat boy turns to the other and says in quite possibly the best analogy I have heard, "Dude...its like when you're driving on the interstate and you come up on a bad car wreck. You know you shouldn't slow down and gawk at the mangled bodies, but you just can't help it! You just can't look away!"

There was a pause, to which the other frat boy replied, "I just have to laugh, but its not 'haha' funny! It's like I'm slowly losing my mind, and there's nothing I can do about!"

How the mighty have fallen...

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