Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pike's Peak

One vacation, I decided to take the Cog Railway up to the top of Pike's Peak, near Colorado Springs, CO.
This is the train platform near Manitou Springs, where you catch the rail.
And this is the train, which has run for almost a century in various forms. Most of the track is at a 25% grade up the mountain.
We start our ascent up to the heavens.
The rocks start as soon as the tree line ends. There was a tree up there that was 4400 years old. Ah, here we are at the top. (Yes, that says 14,110 feet.)
The Archer's on top of the world! This looks out across the Continental Divide.
Other shots from the top.


Beth said...

Did you eat donuts?

Patricia said...

Interesting how the whole thing looks without snow. I was there with my family for vacation in July of 1994/1995 or around that time. My dad looked at me and said that during the summer it's supposed to be warm and clear. I looked at him and can't remember what I said. But I have a feeling it was something like this "It is summer!" Seeing Pikes Peak, CO pictures reminded me of my family vacation. Only we had snow and more snow. At one point we were driving past 12-15 feet of snow. Yes this was in the summer!!! That year I truly despised winter. I hope you had a great and warm vacation!