Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Saint Mark's on Campus-back in the Day

I was digging around in the basement, trying to figure out of the Advent candle situation and came across a box of old photographs from back when St Mark's was the University Chapel.
The original University Chapel, dated 1949. And the priest is wearing a maniple, a word which the spell checker has no idea about. (Do you mean municipal? manure? mandolin?) Ah, the good ole' days (before spell checkers). This was the interior the first building that would become St. Mark's. This is now the de-consecrated kitchen/lounge area. You can still see the line in the floor where the altar rail used to be. This was the old worship area, seen in the above picture. In the 60's, when the new worship area was built as an adjacent wing, this area became a place that helped feed students on the weekends when the University dining hall was closed on the weekends.
Bless my pack of smokes, Father? Nothing like bringing a butt can to the Bible study.

This was the intermediate worship area under the main Nave. Its now a dingy undercroft, but was used as a worship space for a few years while the new building and being built and the old one was being renovated.
I just thought this was an interesting shot. The priests are a blur.

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