Friday, December 28, 2007

The Archer's Year in Review

Last year for New Year's Eve, I presented my top ten pictures of the year. Having spent 3 months galavanting around Europe, I had over a thousand pictures to choose from.

This year's pictures where not as spectacular, but I still managed to dig around and find a few that I thought captured my year pretty well. I thought since this year was a year of action and changes in my life, I thought my End of the Year top ten pictures should be candid action shots.

I start off with a few pictures from Opening Day at the White Sox baseball stadium. The two dots in the distance are the F-16s in a fly over.
This is a picture of Chicago: the city with the big shoulders. I started the year there and moved away. I miss the people, but I am not really missing the city all that much.
This is a candid shot from the Horn "play church" wedding. I found it amusing and reminded me of all the laughs I had with my Seabury classmates.
Speaking of my Seabury classmates, this is from the Senior class retreat in Wabash, Indiana.
That's my old roomie. That's what we call down South "an overcooked ham."

This was a picture from the Omaha Zoo on one of my trips back to Nebraska to start moving my stuff from Seabury. I am not really sure why I chose this picture. What can I say? I like parrots...and the zoo.
Graduation came and went. I was paroled from the Seabury Western Pen. Quoth the raven, "I is educated!"
I was ordained a deacon shortly thereafter in Bellevue, Nebraska.
I was fond of this shot at dusk when I was on vacation in Huntingdon Beach, South Carolina. And introducing the newest member of the Archer blog: (soon-to-be) Mrs. Archer from our trip to Colorado.

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Raisin said...

thanks for sharing. nice parrots!
happy new year, archer!