Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I think I hate snow days

So, yesterday the bossman called about 7 in the morning to tell me not to bother to come into work because of the ice/snow storm. It was not really all that bad, but I had offered to take my fiancee to work because my automobile has 4-wheel drive.

At first I was excited. Snow day! And then it was pretty much down hill from there.

I got out to my truck to find it encased in ice, that I had to try and chisel off. The door was iced shut, and in my attempts to open the door, the latching mechanism broke. I jury rigged a bungy cord to keep the door closed, as I slide over the ice to my fiancee's house.

After fussing for another hour on the car door, I finally gave up because I was tired of having ice pelt me in the face. I proceed to go inside. I accidentally break a lamp that had been placed precariously on the end table. To console myself with a bag of chex mix, I manage to pour it all over the floor. As I was sweeping up that mess, a mouse ran across my foot.

Sigh...I think I hate snow days. Take it from a Southerner. No civilized person should have to work on a snow day. It makes the world so much less frustrating.

I'll go put my head down on my desk now.

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