Saturday, December 22, 2007

What is Advent IV?

I have to preach tomorrow, and I have to admit this is one of those weeks where one has to make the time to sit down and think up a sermon. Time to study and prepare on the week before Christmas, ironically, is very hard. In fact, I did something I very rarely do. I went into the office on Saturday morning to finish up on the sermon.

I am something of a workaholic when it comes to sermons and various office paperwork. I like to take my time and mull things over because I have never been able to enjoy my goof off time if I have something hanging over my head like a sermon. Let's just face it: I stink at being a procrastinator.

Some people are masters at putting stuff off until the last possible moment. In fact, they often say it focuses the mind to have a fast approaching deadline. I marvel at that, and believe me I have tried to do that several times. I just can never pull that off. I hate feeling rushed because when I feel rushed, I never put forth top quality work. School papers and sermons I have put off until the last minute are usually disasters of one sort or another.


Anonymous said...

I am with you all the way. I can't do good work with a deadline hanging over my head. That's bad policy. I really think all those people who say they can't work without the pressure are mistaking adrenaline for clarity.

Northland Al said...

I am a master of putting things off, but I don't think it helps me focus either. I think we tend to adapt to our procrastination and, through practice, get better working under the stress. Our increased ability to work under stress becomes our excuse. We know no other way.

And we continue to put it off... this comment is almost a month late... any quetions...