Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens before Congress

So...let me get this straight. A little proportion is always a good thing when assessing the news:

The US Economy is teetering on recession.
The whole Sub-prime Loan Mess is only getting worse.
Iran is plotting to build nuclear bombs.
America is in a presidential election dogfight both within parties and between parties.
Roger Clemens is testifying before Congress to deny that he ever used steroids or HGH.

Like the old children's show used to sing, "Which of these is not like the other..." I'm just saying...

Mike Celizic over on MSNBC wrote an interesting sports editorial piece on this. His tone always borders on being that of a sports talking head, which is what we used to call yellow journalism. I think, however, what he said today makes some sense. Grown men playing a children's game, who have amassed a fortune of which is greater than the Caesars of ancient Rome could have dreamed, are seldom in touch with reality. Granted, Roger Clemens has had a better career than some of the Caesars of ancient Rome, but still...2000 years from now, no one will be studying Roger Clemens.

I suppose someone has to investigate all this hoohah. I have no idea why it has to be Congress. Do not we have enough problems with a Congressional circus?

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