Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did anyone else get that weird letter?

So, I got this weird letter in the mail from an administrative big wig (who shall remain nameless) at Seabury yesterday. Enclosed with it was the official Dean's letter announcing the hoohah goings-on at Seabury Western Theological Penitentiary. Both letters were most peculiar, I must say. The only way I can describe it is to call them the "Seabury isn't closing...despite the fact we're closing" letter.

Again, let's look at this from a market perspective. Let's say a company in a market, already saturated by other companies offering the same or better product, is floundering in debt, resides in a money pit of a building, and has presented no plan to raise capital. They have announced they are taking on no new inventory for the forseeable future and are liquidating the inventory they currently hold. The only thing we are told from the CEO is "to look to the paschal mystery."

Am I suppose to buy stock in this company?

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Ryan said...

I did get those letters. If you check the Seabury website now, you'll see an announcement from Ruth that indicates they've softened their position somewhat with regard to current students. It seems now that if your projected graduation year is '09 or '10, you'll be allowed to stay and complete coursework, some at Garrett and some at Seabury, though on a reduced schedule.