Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whom do you trust?

With my fondness for baseball and my political science and legal background (before the dawn of time), I simply cannot avoid keeping up with the Roger Clemens testimony before Congress. I still firmly believe that Congress (which is about the only demographic out there right now short of NeoNazi wife-beating organized crime rings with a lower approval rating than the President) has better things to do with its time than orchestrate a grand standing 'He said, she said' hearing on steroids and Major League Baseball Ball.

I think one of the things that morbidly fascinates me about this whole Roger Clemens Congressional steroid circus is that it is, in fact, a circus. It comes complete with clowns and man eating lions and legal acrobatics on tight ropes. And it charges no admission, which is great for a crowd who loves to see a celebrity dive from the high dive into a cup of water. I have found myself wondering if there are stands selling cotton candy and balloon animals outside the Congressional hearing room. If they are, I imagine they are making a killing, especially if the balloon artist can do representations of political candidates.

Another reason I find the whole tawdry affair morbidly entertaining is that is reminds me of the old days of the House Committee for UnAmerican Activities. Instead of people being labelled as Communists at the height of the Red Scare, baseball players are being labeled, tried, and convicted as steroid users before the hearing even begins.

Actually looking at the evidence as outlined in the Congressional report, I have little doubt Clemens took some form of performance enhancing drugs. I was more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt until I actually saw his testimony. As far as I could see, he was giving all the physiological signs of someone who is lying through his teeth of questionable truthiness.

Granted, I think his accuser did not exactly come off smelling like a rose in any way, shape, or form either. But I have to admit I have trouble finding a motive for Mr. McNamee other than some reality show caliber "getting my moment of fame at any cost" mentality. The lengths to which some people are willing to prostitute themselves for that moment of fame has always astounded me, so I suppose that motive, as twisted as it seems to my mind, could be real.

The circus continues I suppose. Steroids are apparently UnAmerican just like hating apple pie. Unfortunately, I do not see what the answer is. It will likely grind on ad nauseum like this unsufferable election season. Ironically both are coming from Washington.

Hot air from Washington...what a coincidence.

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