Monday, March 10, 2008

I love Mondays

Garfield, the cartoon cat, always had a mantra about hating Mondays. I never hated Mondays. I especially like them now because Mondays are my day off, which is very nice today because I had a 12 hour workday yesterday. (Shout outs to 3 hour vestry meetings and special Sunday evening programs.) Luckily, I don't have long Sundays like that too often.

But even when I was working full time in a secular job or going to school full time, I never really hated Mondays. Once I finally get up and moving on Monday and have my cup of coffee, I think Mondays seems to clip right along.

It has always been the Tuesday that I dreaded. Tuesdays just drag along like nobody's business. It seems like you have worked all morning, and you are getting ready for lunch. You look at the clock: 10:12. Dadgummit! And you still have over half the work week coming at you!

Maybe the cause revolves around the fact that if a Monday goes awry, you can blame it on the day."Well, its Monday." People usually have sympathy on that. But try, "Man, I hate Tuesdays!" and people just stare at you like you are some sort of loon.

Why must we hate Mondays, and give Tuesdays a free pass?

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Raisin said...

I love Mondays so much, I might even love them more than you do!