Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Seabury tries to clean up the mess

I have been informed that Seabury was re-announced that current students can possibly finish their degrees if they are already enrolled in the program, although the exact wording of that announcement on the Seabury website is ambiguous at best and misleading at worst.

This is exactly why I never trusted Seabury for anything and always got everything regarding transcripts, promises, etc., in writing. Many a time I was looked right in the eye by an administrator, professor, or other official and was flat out lied to. This is probably why I have never nor will I ever donate money to this alma mater...more like an alma (to)mater.

I do hope for the best. There are good folks at Seabury, and I hate to think what's going to happen to them. But seriously, they really should have hired a professionl public relations consultant before they launched headlong into this PR disaster. The damage is done. Call in the Methodists from across the street; maybe they can salvage the hymnals.

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