Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Being a Liaison

The week begins the marathon ordination run, and I have found myself being the liaison for the coming circus. It is turning into a great ecumenical hodge podge of visitors, ecumenical and otherwise. Since I am an officer in the chaplains associate at the University of Nebraska, there will be all sorts processing with the clergy, not the least of which is two Ukrainian Orthodox clergy that I have befriended in my time in Lincoln.

My parents arrived yesterday, so there is that elements. I love my parents, but family in town is always drama of one sort or another, regardless of how well one gets along with the fam.

Then, there are also a few folks coming from my field education parish in Chicago; one of whom is the preacher. That should be interesting, given that he will no doubt be wearing his biretta and other Anglo-catholic garb. I requested that he do such. I am curious as to how St. Mark's will respond.

It will be a hoot...that is for sure.

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