Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bishop squared

So I had my pre-ordination happy hour consultation with the Bishop this morning. It was more of a courtesy call, which contained the following opening dialogue:


Bishop: Be right with you, Ryan.

[pause while I read all the diocesan newsletters on the waiting room table]

Bishop: Now then, thanks for coming. Long time no see.
Ryan: No kidding.

Bishop: Yeah, its been...what? 48 hours?

In all seriousness, the Bishop was pleased with the large slate of Confirmands that I presented to him for Reception/Confirmation on Sunday. He was also still raving about the Star Quilt a local Lakota parishioner presented him as a gift during his visitation. I snapped this picture afterwards:
I thought it was cool. She made it with Bishop's colors to boot. How neat is that?

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