Friday, April 11, 2008

Only on the Week before the Bishop visits...

So, the Bishop is making his annual visitation to St. Mark's on Sunday for 10 confirmations and a baptism. This week's amended check list:

Cold, Raining, Chance of Snow in mid-April (See: Southern Curate-digging in closet to find sweaters he had hoped had gone into summer hibernation) CHECK!

Realize we neglected to get any Confirmation gifts on Monday for aforementioned 10 Confirmands. (See: Thank goodness for overnight shipping.) CHECK!

Rector is in bed sick for 2 days this week. (See: Just plain yuckie.) CHECK!

Realize we have no remaining Vigil Lamps for the Reserve Sacrament and the one we have is burning on fumes (See: Holy Empty Vigil Lamps, Batman!) CHECK!

Running in the aforementioned freezing rain to aforementioned Holy Hardware to get case of aforementioned Vigil Lamps. (See: Cardboard Boxes-soaked) CHECK!

Heavy rain creates huge leak, which deposits plaster goop on the floor in the chapel. (See: Curate-Jobs as Assigned; Altar Guild-freak out.) CHECK!

One empty pew partially falls apart during Evening Prayer on Wednesday. (See: Curate-Jobs as Assigned; Startled Parishioner-5 feet jumping into air.) CHECK!

Yeah, maybe it is good the bishop only comes once a year.

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