Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thoughts on my first mass

The ordination buzz and all is finally waning a bit. I thought I should write down a few thoughts about saying my first mass before I forgot.

10. The sunlight from the window that shines down on the presider's prayer desk is pretty bright.

9. You can really throw your organist for a loop when he asks what notes to play to give you the pitch for the sursum corda:
Archer: "I don't need any."
Organist: "Ummm...[awkward pause] okay...[awkward pause] If you say so, Father."

8. Most chasubles are made for short people. (Luckily, my wife made mine.)

7. The Anglo-catholic custom of having roses on the altar for your first mass that parishioners can take home afterward is a big hit with the old ladies in the parish.

6. Folding your hands together during the beginning of the canon of the mass keeps them from shaking.

5. Get a BCP/Hymnal Combination. I never got one for my ordination and always assumed I would, so I was juggling books during the liturgy. Nothing bad happened, it was just awkward.

4. If you don't like the cheap plastic missal stands, check the sacristy closets for old missal stands. Turns out our church had 4 really nice, wooden ones.

3. Three day old ordination cake is still good for Sunday coffee hour.

2. If you are a stodgy Anglo-catholic, the Adult Sunday School class will take odds on whether you will wear a maniple.

1. When leaving altar, check to make sure one's head does not hit the vigil lamp.

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