Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Thanks, Steve, for cluing me in on how clueless my blog is...

blog readability test

I was interested, so I randomly put in some of the blogs that I read on a regular basis to see how they ranked. Here is the results:

Raisin -well, we won't go there.

CaptainSacrament- Elementary School (this really surprised me)

AKMA -High School

John One Five -High School

ChicagoMonk- College Grad

Kendall Harmon -Genius

I got really interested, and started looking up regular web addresses. I was quite amused at these pairings:

CNN News- Elementary School

Foxnews -High School

BBC World News -Genius

CNNSI -High School

ESPN -Junior High School

And in what I can only call a shocker:

The Website of the Episcopal Church USA: College undergrad. The Episcopal Church's national website is worthless.

And just for fun:

Democratic National Committee: -Genius

Republican National Committee: -College Undergrad

Official Obama Website: -elementary school

Official Hillary Website: -junior high school

Official McCain Website: high school

Food for thought, in any event.

-The Archer+

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