Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A day off from my day off

Don't you just love it when your day off is more strenuous than a regular work day? Mondays are my usual off day, and I had high hopes since it was suppose to rain that I would get out of having to weed eat and mow the lawn.

I got out of it alright because I noticed as I went out to the garage that the heavy wind/rain storms of the past few weeks had cracked a major limb in a tree next to the garage. My day quickly got consumed with having to cut down, chop up, and dispose of that limb that was a good 6+ inches in diameter.

Luckily it had cracked in the direction of the driveway so I just got out my hack saw, and down it went. The tree it came off of is essentially almost dead, so I did not have to hack through a green limb. But it was still quite the job.

I prefer using a hacksaw to a chainsaw even though it takes longer. I just largely refuse to use chainsaws if I can possible help it because they don't make left-handed chain saws. Using a chain saw with my non dominant hand scares me to death. I've done it before but prefer to avoid it if at all possible, even if it means hacksawing stuff by hand.

Needless to say, I am moving a little slowly this morning. I imagine the pace of mass at noon will be slow too.

FYI...if anyone needs firewood, I have a free pile of it in my backyard.

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