Sunday, June 01, 2008

Did she just run off with your sausage biscuit, Father?

So I got to church this morning to find the rector poking about the Church narthex. A lady was sitting in the back pew, which I thought was sort of odd. It was only 7:30 and the first service was not until 8:30. Usuallty people do not start filtering in until 8ish.

I went to unlock the sacristy and the rector came in and said, "Do you need to prep for the service? There's a lady here who needs something to eat. Can you take her across the street to the McDonald's and get her something? Just put it on the church credit card."

I was preaching, but luckily I had gotten up early and had already prepped my sermon but there was still a ton of stuff I needed to do to get ready for services such as make coffee for coffee hour, unlock doors, put out candles, etc.

Of course, I was preaching on Paul's and James' takes on justification by faith or works. "Faith without works is dead" as St. James said. Begrudgingly I said I would. We walked over; she was not particularly chatty with me. I figured I would order a cup of coffee and a sausage biscuit since I was there.

She proceeded to grab the bag and run out the door with the food, my sausage biscuit and all. I don't know why she felt like she needed to do that. I would have just given her the sausage biscuit. The poor guy behind the cash register was stunned, "Did she just run off with your sausage biscuit, Father?"

All I could respond with was: "Yeah, I guess so...Oh well, she probably needs it more than I do." The clerk behind the counter offered to call the cops and/or get me another biscuit for free. I turned him down. I was preaching and did not need a tummy full of pork product anyway. I felt sorry for her more than anything.

Things must be bad when you feel you have to steal 8 dollars worth of McDonald's breakfast food, most of which was a gift to you anyway.

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