Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1100th blog post

I suppose another anniversary of sorts has rolled around. I happened to catch that this will be my 1100th blog entry to this blog. It has been a long ride, and there is no end in sight. I don't blog as much these days as I did in days of yore, mainly because I am now married and have a full time job, neither was which was the case way back at the beginning.

I have been pondering what sort of post I should make for my 1100th blog, so I guess I will rant. About the only thing I can think of is to rant about grits.

Yes, grits, that fine edition to American cuisine brought to you by the American South.

I am originally from the South, so I love grits. I have found that they are hard to find here in the Mid-West. I went to Cracker Barrel last night and was reminded of the awful nature of the grits in that otherwise fine dining establishment.

I luckily remembered not to patronage their grit business because they have to serve them soupy. I complained one time about them, and they explained to me that they have to make them that way. Apparently it's company policy to serve soupy grits. I have no idea why, exactly, because I don't know anyone that cooks their own grits that serves them that way.

I always found that disturbing because Cracker Barrel was founded in Tennessee, and soupy grits are not the norm there, unless there is some vast underground soupy grits demographic akin to vampires that only come out at night. Grits should not be soupy.

If I want soup, I'll order the soup of the day.

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