Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gnomers ( read it right)

I will refrain from comment and simply relate the following phone I received a few days back at church one morning before the secretary got there with a Gnomer.

(yes, a Gnomer)
-The Archer

Anglican General's Warning: Hilarity ensues...

{phone rings}
Archer: Good morning, St Mark's on the Campus...
Voice: Hello? Is this the church?
Archer: Yes, this is St Mark's on the Campus. Can I help you?
Voice: Yes, I was wondering if the church needed some gnomes?
Archer: Well, let me think...wait...uh, what now?
{slight awkward pause}
Voice: Gnomes.
Archer: mean like those small elf things?
Voice: NO, not elves. Gnomes. I'm a Gnomer.
{another awkward pause}
Archer: So you want to give a church...some gnomes.
Voice: Yes, I have a ceramic Gnome collection and I'm having to move and need to find a home for them.
{a third awkward pause}
Archer: What would a church do with gnomes?
Voice: Lots of things. They make jolly good manger scenes. I have several in liturgical colors.
Archer: Well, um, that's very generous. But I don't think we really need any liturgical gnomes at the moment. But if I hear of a need for gnomes, I'll give you a call.
Voice: Sure, thanks, Father. Goodbye.


Raisin said...

Oh, my. Might this become a future Archer comic?!

Stephen Newell said...

Words fail me. I agree, this should become a comic.