Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Puppy Dogs

I was the supply priest out in Grand Island, Nebraska this weekend. Grand Island is close enough to where my wife grew up, so we have spent the night at her parents' house, which saves me getting up at 3 AM to drive for an hour and a half on a Sunday morning.

Her parents, largely on my recommendation, got a new Golden Retriever. I have done a little work the the Golden Retriever Rescue here in Lincoln. I was urging them to get a dog that was a bit older, but they wanted a puppy. And a puppy is what they got.

He was a cute little bugger, but he was still a puppy. Puppies are fun, but they love to chew and to bark at 5 AM. Fun, but I think I will adopt an adult, now that the yard is fenced in.

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