Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Science Fiction Geek Alert

As some of you know, I have become a big fan of a series of books by Kevin J. Anderson called the Saga of Seven Suns. I wrote a review of the ones I had read some time back, which can be read here.

About a week or so ago, I got the advance copy of the 7th and final novel in the series. I am about halfway through it, as of this writing. It has certainly lived up to the hype thus far. No doubt, there will be a review of the entire series when I finish it. (Sorry, my father has dibs on it after I am done reading it.)

Each novel is over 400 pages, so they are a bit hefty, especially with as comple a cast of characters and aliens as I have read since the original Dune novels. Coincidentally, Anderson paired with Frank Herbert's son to write several Dune prequels.

The Saga of Seven Suns is a space opera. I won't make any bones about that. But its good and very colorful. If you are into science fiction, I highly recommend you try the series. The first one is a bit slow until you get a grip on the characters, but after that, its well worth the ride.

-The Archer

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