Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Football Season Is Upon Us

It is hard to believe but Football Season is upon us. Of course, by "football" I mean both American football and College Football. Superbowl Commercials aside, Pro Football is sort of boring.

I think it is hard for me to believe it is college football time again because the college football saga here in Nebraska from last year when on for ever. Coaches were fired; Former Football Coach Tom Osborne was appointed interim athletic director permanent Athletic Director God; Coaches were hired, one of whom according to mass hysteria was apparently Bo Pelini Jesus Christ: Coaching Star.

All this went down after the football season, so the whole saga bled over into spring practice, making the whole off season one complete blur where football was always at the forefront. For this reason, I believe it is hard for Nebraskans to believe its football season again because in some ways last season never really ended.

But the University of the Sacrificial Lamb Western Michigan comes to town at 6 PM this coming Sabbath Saturday to be sacrificed on the holy altar of Pelini of Nazareth to play Nebraska at the Holy Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Bad Tackling Memorial Stadium in Rome Lincoln.

Tailgate Parties to precede the festivies.

Look for the Lion.

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