Saturday, August 02, 2008

Introducing The Retriever of the Forest

What's an Archer without a retriever? Well, we remedied that, thanks to the Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska. We've been wanting a dog, probably me more so than my wife, so we have been in doggie discernment.

I am initially more of a Dobie man myself, but my wife probably couldn't handle 85 pounds of muscle. We both liked the personality of the Golden Retriever, and they are beautiful animals and good family dogs.

Having done work for Dog Rescue Organizations for years, I much prefer going to a rescue than just getting some random puppy. Adult dogs are usually trained and better mannered, have already been neutered, chipped, and vaccinated, and there are many more adult dogs that have trouble finding homes. Everybody wants a puppy, but adult dogs are a harder sell.

But enough about me, here's Max...the retriever of the forest:


Raisin said...

I'm happy that youar Doggie Discernment led to welcoming Max into your home!

Steve Hayes said...

I'm glad to see another dog that seems fanatical about balls!