Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Question for Seabury Grads

Did anybody else who got student loans from Seabury through IDAPP suddenly get their loan lender changed? I got this weird letter in the mail yesterday, welcoming me to some new student loan lending group for my student loan.

At first I thought it was fraud, but after calling IDAPP (and being on hold for 35 minutes) I was told the Governor of Illinois needed revenue so was selling off loans to other lenders. I indicated that it was not really good business practice to not inform me either by letter or e-mail at least of this change.

The conversation ended with this exchange:

The Archer: So, the Governor was late on his mob payment?
IDAPP rep: apparently...
The Archer: Probably just as well then.


Raisin said...

Archer, yes! I just got that letter too. So it's real?

The Archer of the Forest said...

According to the IDAPP people, it is legit.