Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weird Sick Days...

So I had to take my first sick day since I have been at my current parish. In fact, I think the only sick day I remember from the last 5 years was that time I had the weird 24 hour cold when I was at Westcott House. I never took a sick day at Seabury, never missing a single class.

I noticed I had been really tired the last week or so, sleeping in longer than normal. I think the busy summer schedule finally caught up with me. I awoke yesterday and felt ooogy (for lack of a better term.) I made the motions of trying to get up and get ready for work, but it was just not happening.

I made the executive decision to call in sick. At first I thought it was just going to be a "mental health" day, which is refined office speak for what we used to call in grade school "playing hooky."

But I think I actually was sick. I slept all day and then in the evening I was even feeling a bit dizzy. It was really quite weird.

I awoke this morning and felt much better, still a little groggy but functional. This, it turns out, was just as well, as the other people in the office decided they needed a "mental health" morning.

Whatever "mental health" issue I had was catching...

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