Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Weird Week in College Football

I can't say I am all that surprised at some of the losses this weekend. USC lost to Oregon State, which chronically gives Pete Carroll problems. But I must say that for a team that was a virtual unanimous No. 1 a week ago, they dropped like a rock in the new poll all the way to No. 9. How quickly people get on and off bandwagons. I am inclined to believe USC might still play for the national title at the end of the year, and that Oregon State was a brain cramp.

Florida and Georgia both lost. I am not surprised Florida lost, as they were grossly overrated. I am a bit surprised Georgia lost as badly as they did. 31-0 at halftime. I didn't think Georgia would get through the next 5 weeks unscathed (Alabama, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, LSU, and Florida in 5 weeks). I didn't think it would be the first game of the stretch run though that they would lose. I pity already bumbling Tennessee next week, as they have to play Georgia who will be out for blood.

The new AP poll that came out today has Oklahoma ranked No. 1, and Alabama No. 2. I think that was way too quick a jump for Bama. Top ten certainly, possibly top 5, but all the way to No. 2 over defending champ LSU? I think not, at least yet. If they can win one more big game, I will be a believer, but I just can't (or don't want to) believe that Saban has turned that program around that quickly. Granted, he inherited a pretty good team from Mike Shula, but still...No. 2 in all the land? Give me a break.

Suddenly, I am apparently a genius for having LSU No. 1 in my polls thus far. If they have Lady Luck on their side, I refuse to vote against them until they prove otherwise. With Florida/USC/Georgia all losing, seems at least one person is left standing.

So, I guess this is my top ten:

No. 1 LSU
No. 2 Oklahoma
No. 3 USC
No. 4 Missouri
No. 5 Alabama
No. 6 Texas
No. 7 Texas Tech
No. 8 Georgia
No. 9 Penn State
No. 10 BYU

I am skeptical of the last two, as they have played absolute nobodies, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Given the alternatives, I suppose they round out the Top Ten as good as any.

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