Monday, September 08, 2008

Live Blogging...from the monastery

So I started my retreat today by driving to Blue Cloud Abbey in Marvin, South Dakota. It is a beautiful place that sits on 1500 acres that the monastery owns.

This is quite possibly the coolest monastery in the world. Its the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Roman calendar, so it was a big feast day here. Which meant that the monks could talk at dinner. Usually they do silent reading or something during meals.

And, after the abbot gave me a tour of the building, he showed me the library where they apparently have internet access. And the Abbot said, "Yeah, if you need anything, just come in here to the kitchen and help yourself. There's beer in the fridge...

Take that Name of the Rose.

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Heidi said...

That's AWESOME. I think monks these days are some of the most well adjusted Christians like, ever.