Friday, September 05, 2008

Watching Ye Olde Alma Mater

So, my father calls me randomly last night, and asks if I get Fox Sports South, which is the Fox Network alternate sports channel in the South. Apparently my Division II Alma Mater, Carson Newman College, was on playing football against North Alabama.

I replied that we get a Fox Sports channel, but its the Mid West version. I could not imagine they would be showing a Division II football game from the South out in Nebraska for free on regular cable, but I checked anyway.

I have one of those interactive cable TV boxes that is very similar to a satellite TV interface. As I was scanning way down the guide in the channel 300+ range where they have the Western Channel where they play the same 4 western movies over and over and the weird channel that always plays dirt bike racing, I discovered, much to my surprise, the football game.

So there I sat, sitting in Lincoln, Nebraska, in my lounge man chair watching the old alma mater play a live football game. Only in 21st century America do you get to be across the country and see Ye Olde Alma Mater lose to North Alabama (while flipping back and forth occasionally to peek at the McCain convention speech, ironically preceded by a video narrated by former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson.)

I must say it is a very sad week indeed in the state of Tennessee when the only college football team that wins is Vanderbilt.

But, at least they beat Steve Spurrier, so it's not a total wash...

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