Friday, October 10, 2008

Pet Blessing

Last Sunday in the afternoon, we had the annual St. Francis' Day Blessing of the Animals. The event is always fun for the kids, as well as the adults who often treat their pets like kids. It's also fun for clergy who don't normally get to wear cassock and surplice.
This is not my golden retriever, but a retriever very similar to mine and about the same age. While usually cats and dogs, sometimes other critters show up, like this preying mantis.
Here's my dog, Max. It's fun to bless your own pet, even if dog hair and slobber get on your stole. (luckily, its washable).
Its also fun to bless cats, as long as Fluffy doesn't run away or hiss and spit at you.
The pet above is a Beagle named Bailey. (Yes, it's Beagle Bailey...)

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Stephen Newell said...

...I'd normally be horrified, but I don't have any words...