Thursday, October 30, 2008

Searching high and low

My search process for my next job is swinging into high gear. I've had to move the time table up a few months, given that my wife and I are expecting our first child in May, so we either need to be moved before Archer II arrives or else what until after in the summer time.

I've been made one official offer so far, from a parish outside my diocese, which is a very promising parish I think. I'm still waiting to see if there is a viable option available in Nebraska. There's a few possible clusters available but nothing that looks too promising at present in terms of finances, but we shall see. I'd really prefer to stay in Nebraska, but I just don't see anything on the near horizon that fits my timeframe.

I also have a few dark horse prospects down South, but nothing from them as of yet, other than a preliminary conversation with a chair of one search committee and a letter from another saying I am being considered. That might be just as well, as I am not sure my wife is prepared for real Southern humidity and culture yet anyhow.

Please pray that God directs me where I need to be.

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