Thursday, October 02, 2008

Weird but Oddly True Dream

So my wife woke up a few mornings ago and told me about a weird dream she had. She said she dreamed she was at the Lambeth Conference and all the bishops where on the field in this soccer stadium and were dressed up and trying to create a living Santa Claus face. I guess like some churches will do the living Christmas tree during Advent or marching bands will make patterns on the field at a football game.

They were apparently having problems filling out the beard of the Santa Claus face because some of the bishops had left early. So they ended up with a deformed, beardless Santa face on the field.

My wife had no idea why she dreamed this. I thought it was funny as I am the one who is the Episcopal priest, and she was the one having bizarre dreams about Lambeth. (She's forbidden me from ever running for bishop, so that's not the issue.)

I just found ironic that the dream was about the Lambeth conference trying to portray a unified imagine and failing miserably. Added to that was the backdrop that the image they were trying to portray was not the baby Jesus or anything of real theological substance related to the Incarnation, but was, in fact, an image not of the face of God but of Santa Claus.

Food for thought...

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BabyBlue said...

Great dream - great analogy!