Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sweet...another Dune novel

I happened to be surfing around Amazon.com and ran across something that perked me right up. Apparently, Frank Herbert's son and Kevin Anderson have teamed up for another Dune prequel. They've down two three-part Dune prequels that were very good. The Machine Crusade series was excellent.

They've also written a two-part Dune postquel (is that a word?) that I have not gotten to read yet. I haven't had the incentive, as I felt like I needed to go back and reread the last Frank Herbert Dune novel, which I haven't read in 10 years, and as I recall was really bizarre. Also, in the interim between the last of the prequels and the postquel, I read Kevin Anderson's very well done series The Saga of Seven Suns, which I have talked about in previous posts on this blog. The series was non-Dune related, but it certainly had some Dune characteristics. Its a massive 7 volume space opera, but its well worth the time.

I noticed on Amazon that the new Dune novel takes place between the 1st and 2nd original Dune novels, and is largely a character development of Paul "The Mu'ad'dib" Atriedes. For Dune fans, if you remember, Paul is the hero of the revolution in the first novel, but in the 2nd novel, Dune: Messiah, had become a tyrant that had unleashed a massive jihad that he had lost control over.

There's a little youtube-like 3 minute clip by the authors on the Amazon page that is worth watching. They make it sound quite interesting, which I guess makes sense as they are apparently intent on milking Dune for every penny they can. But, the novel does pique my interest.

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