Thursday, November 20, 2008

What saint?

I feel like I am forgetting a saint here in my new sidebar format. I have all my favorite saints on one sidebar or the other. The ones currently are:

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (patron saint of the blog, from whence "costlygrace" is named)
Thomas More (Anyone who could so politely tell off Henry VIII deserves space) 
Joseph and Mary (I hope the reason for the Holy Family is obviously)
St. George (patron saint of England)
St. Augustine (the rest of Western theology is a footnote on him)
St. Barnabas (I was ordained on his feast day to the diaconate, I was ordained a priest on                                          Ascension, so I have to like Barnabas.)
St. Nicholas (the real Saint Nicholas, patron saint of archers amongst other things)
St Michael the Archangel (defender against evil hackers)

I just feel like I am missing a biggie. Maybe St. Patrick...what do you think? I am going to offer a poll on the sidebar. If you choice isn't there, leave a comment. If it is, leave a comment anyway...

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