Monday, December 01, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Archer News Service: Lincoln, Nebraska.

After a grueling campaign, the final ballots have been counted and the historic blog vote for "What saint should be added to the sidebar?" comes to an end. The poll boiled down to a neck and neck contest between two major contenders.

CS Lewis, the frontrunner going into the race who commentators early on said was a sure bet, won by a fawn's nose. In his acceptance speech to a maudlin crowd of Anglicans, Mr. Lewis, referring to the theme of his campaign said, "Yes, we can...because Aslan is on the move!"

With 99% of precincts reporting, the final vote tally is as follows:

CS Lewis (7 votes)
Teresa of Avila (6 votes)
Paul (2 votes)
Other (1 vote)

Runner up, Teresa of Avila gave a gracious concession speech in the early morning hours from her campaign headquarters in her cell. This quashed speculation she would push for the courts for a recount.

Some voting irregularities were noticed, however. Don Bosco had a vote earlier in the week, and his vote mysteriously disappeared. Poll Workers noted that a voter could change his or her vote after the fact to another candidate. When queried by Archer News, the Bosco campaign called a press conference and Candidate Bosco mumbled something in Italian. Upon further review, the replay appears inconclusive as to what he actually said.

No hanging chads were reported.

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