Thursday, December 04, 2008

Guess when this was written...

"Of the disease that afflicts the Church various symptoms crop out from time to time. A rather lurching and head-long pursuit after unity is one of them. A certain malaise called 'comprehensiveness' is another. A hardening of the heart which is supposed to make necessary a writing of divorcement is another. Some sort of unwholesome obesity which makes the creed tight at the arm holes is another. There are many. But they are symptoms of a disease. The trouble is deep-seated. Like all disease the local treatment of symptoms is of less consequence than the hidden thing which is constitutionally wrong. It is the practice of our religion, and the uniting of human hearts and wills to the heart and will of our Lord that will cure these manifestations. Whatever we do, in forming a veritable party, in securing united and simultaneous action, in showing ourselves bravely consistent, let it be apparent before all things, to ourselves and to our wavering and unconvinced brethren, that we seek only to make the Church more genuinely religious and to display her in the eyes of the world as a still more efficient instrument of Salvation."

Answer: 1921
The Catholic Faith and the Religious Situation. New York: The Churchmen's Alliance, 1921.
"The Duty of Catholics Today" Frederick Spies Penfold, D.D., St. Stephen's Church, Providence, R.I.
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