Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not a Good Start to the Day...

Think you're having a bad day?

I opened up the office this morning a little before 9, and an unknown UNL student walked in and asked if I knew whom to contact for a towed car.

I searched through the UNL student directory and the regular phone book, which were no help at all. They only gave the 5-digit phone number if you were on the Campus phone switchboard. I finally had to get on the UNL website and search for "campus police."

Turns out she stopped by campus to turn in a final paper and in the 20 minute process her car got "accidentally" towed, even though it was before regular business hours and she still had 30 minutes left in the parking meter anyway.

Now here's the kicker: they weren't authorized to "accidentally tow" it back, as she had to hoof it down in the cold to the impound to straighten it out.

Now that's a bad way to start the day.

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