Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good for them...

The three finalists for the Heisman trophy this year are all staying in school and not bolting for the NFL. Oklahoma's Bradford is returning for technically his junior year of eligibility. He was eligible to go pro, as he redshirted a year. Texas' Colt McCoy and Florida's Tim Tebow both return for their senior years.

As the article I linked to above points out, this is the first time all three finalists for the Heisman can and will return for the next season. Usually they are either seniors who cannot return, or else they bolt for the big money of the NFL and go pro early.

I think that's politically shrewd on their parts, if nothing else, as they will cement their long term prospects of running for governor of their respective states years down the road. Tennessee great Peyton Manning stayed for his senior year, and I am virtually certain that because of that, he can return to Tennessee one day and win any political office he cares to run for. I have no idea if he's politically minded, but it never hurts to hedge your future bets.

But aside from that, those group of guys really are doing a great role model job for future collegiate football players who have dreams of making it big as soon as possible. College really is a great time, and having as many positive role models like that can't hurt in this culture of "show me the money!"

Good for them...

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