Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My New Digs

The good news is that I found my digital camera at last, and it was completely not the movers' fault for losing it or putting it in some weird box. I had taken it in my dress coat pocket to St. Mark's for the farewell luncheon/baby shower, and the camera remained there for the move. I put my dress coat on today for a visit down to the Retirement home for an Ash Wednesday service and found it.

The bad news is, I now have my camera, so many pictures of the parish and Brookings will no doubt be making appearances on my blog hereafter.

This is the parish church where I am now the rector: St. Paul's in Brookings, SD. This is the view from the main street through Brookings. The window alcove used to be an entrance, but was bricked up some time ago. They have now restored it back to an alcove in the main nave that looks very nice.

This is the main entrance, about 20 feet from the rectory.

This is the main worship area. Its pretty traditional, built around 1900. The Lenten Purple has been put out as today is Ash Wednesday, which will be my first official service as rector.

They are quite proud of the pulpit that you see here. Its quite the work of wood carving. I will talk about that more in a later blog post.
And here is the rectory that I now live in. I must admit I felt like I was living in a mansion when I moved in. They've done some major renovations in it in the last year, and it is really nice. The church is the building you see in the background. The porch is slated to be redone in the spring.

This is the side that faces the church. It was designed by the same New England architect that designed the church.

And here is a sweet poster the Sunday school kids made and put up in the parish hall before our arrival. I thought that was really cute.


Heidi said...

Gorgeous! And charming. Keep the pictures coming. I'm curious about the geography around you. Is there wide open flatland?

The Archer of the Forest said...

The geography here is very similar to Minnesota. (Certainly the accents are.) It is certainly northern plains with lots of little glacial lakes.

Brookings is the basically the last stop before you hit Watertown, SD. Watertown is about 40 miles north on I-29. That's where the weather ridge is, and the geography and climate starts changing to a lot more to hills and bluffs, like you would see in North Dakota.

Its really gorgeous here. I like it. Most people think of South Dakota and think of the Badlands or the Black Hills out in the western part of the state, but the Eastern part is very much in the Lake Wobegon geography, if you are familiar with Garrison Keilor.

Br.Jay said...

Wow..gorgeous church and house!
I agree with Heidi. Keep the pictures coming.