Monday, March 16, 2009

Almost Spring Like!

Let me paint the scene. This time last week we had snow, and it goes down to -5 one night. Fast forward one week...

It's 65 degrees today. I was walking around this afternoon outside without a coat on. Most of the snow has melted, except for those huge piles of snow-turned-ice-glaciers in parking lots that won't melt until sometime in June.

I won't to say its almost spring, but being this far north, you are probably in for disappointment. I am told by residents that it is not that uncommon to have a freak blizzard in late March or April. Given this extremely long South Dakota winter, I am going to view this freak springtime like a cast.

What do I mean by that? Well, if you have ever had a broken bone and had to wear a cast, you will know what I mean. As a connoisseur in my younger days of broken bones, let me just say that when you go for a checkup, just assume the doctor is going to put another cast on. There is nothing worse that thinking you will finally get your cast off, only to have another put on until the next appointment in 4 weeks. That's depressing.

Despite the co-ed joggers out running around in skimpy clothing, I am going to assume its still winter until further notice.

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