Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the tube...

I still haven't gotten cable TV hooked up yet in my new digs. I actually went by the cable TV place and got a price quote. I did not bother to make an appointment at the time for the Cable Guy to come out and hook me up to the tube.

And funny thing is...I haven't missed having cable TV at all.

About the only time I watch TV is to catch a Star Trek or MASH rerun or during Football season. I do like catching the evening news from time to time, but most of the networks and the BBC run their telecasts online now, and if I'm desperate, I'll watch that. I actually missed not getting the newspapers more than not having TV.

I have gotten to watch the last Battlestar Galactica episodes online as well. Seeing as its getting near the Series Finale, I haven't missed out on that any. That was really the only thing that tempted me about getting cable hooked up quickly.

I've actually found I have read a lot more without having cable TV around. (Funny how that works, ain't it?) I plowed through the last two postquel Dune novels that came out in the last year. I have to admit, I surprised even myself on those as both of those novels were 500+ page tomes.

I may just do without cable TV for the whole of Lent and see where it goes from there. I really kind of like not having it.

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