Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Religious Orders in the Anglican Church

There is a great editorial piece from the Church Times about the radical decline of religious life in the Anglican church. As a person who considered for a time a call to the religious life and loves spending retreats at monasteries, I am saddened by this article, though I know it is very true.

Read it and see what you think...
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Jay said...

As an Anglican postulant in The Order of St. Anthony, my personal opinion is that the author hit the nail on the head. The orders need to recover their original charism. I think in a sense religious orders need to recover their radical nature to follow Jesus Christ in serving the poor, in standing with the outcasts, in lives of contemplation. People have to hear about the orders out there. There are some new models of monasticism happening in the Episcopal Church and in the Emergent Movement. I am blessed to belong to such an order. Thanks for bringing this important issue to light. BTW why did you not pursue religious life? Have you considered religious life as a priest not living in community?

The Archer of the Forest said...

I spent some time in a monastery at various times, and I loved it. But I really felt called to be a parish priest and not part of a religious community. My community is my family, as I am married now with a baby on the way. I am an oblate in a religious order, however. Tell me more about the Order of St. Anthony. I am not familiar with it.

Monk-in-Training said...

I am a postulant in the Br. of St. Gregory, and have followed my long time heart's desire later in life. I am 51.

Br. Jay linked me to this blog, and I agree with him on the exciting new visions in the Emergent community.

I would love to some day have a Friary with a core of 1-4 Friars, and an "outer" group of men who live in community for specified periods of time and follow the Rule of the community.

This is very much like the Melanesian Brotherhood. It would not be a 'failure' to spend some time with the Friars and move on to the rest of your life with a strong spiritual foundation.

The Archer of the Forest said...

I have never heard of the Brotherhood of St. Gregory either. Can you give me more info?

Jay said...

Hi there,
The Order of Saint Anthony the Great is about five years old. Most of the community lives in Atlanta and are working with the bishop there to find a community house. They meet weekly to study and practice contemplative prayer together. They would imo definately fall in the neo-monasticism category...being both ancient and modern. Their site can be found at: http://www.ordersaintanthony.org/
The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory website is: http://www.gregorians.org/
I am sure Monk in Training can tell you more.
My blog if you are interested is found at: