Saturday, May 09, 2009

And the Next Bishop is:

The Rev. John Tarrant, rector of Trinity Church in Pierre (pronounced 'pier'), South Dakota. Father John was elected on the 2nd ballot, after having received almost twice as many votes as the second place candidate on the 1st ballot.

The winner had to receive a supermajority (2/3's) of both lay and clergy delegates.

Though this may not be precisely correct, the unofficial election numbers were announced as follows:

Ballot 1 (Results insufficient for election):
Minimum 34 clergy and 92 lay votes needed for election.

1. John Tarrant (Diocese of South Dakota)
Lay: 73 (of 136)
Clergy: 27 (of 50)
2. Peter Stebinger (Diocese of Connecticut)
Lay: 36, Clergy: 11
3. John Floberg (Diocese of North Dakota)
Lay: 15, Clergy 7
4. Douglas Dunn (Dioccese of Colorado)
Lay: 12, Clergy: 5

It was announced after the 1st ballot that 2nd place vote getter, The Rev. Peter Stebinger, had withdrawn.

Ballot 2 (Results sufficient for election):
Minimum 36 clergy and 93 lay votes needed for election.

1. John Tarrant (w)
Lay: 101 (of 139)
Clergy: 44 (of 53)
2. D. Dunn
Lay: 23, Clergy: 6.
3. J. Floberg
Lay: 15, Clergy 3
4. P. Stebinger

May God bless all the candidates and all those involved in the search process including the transition, standing, and nominating committees.

Special congratulations to Father John Tarrant, who I firmly believe was the candidate God wanted as Bishop of South Dakota, a truly nice man and great pastor. I wish him many fruitful years as Bishop of South Dakota.

On a personal note, this is the 2nd bishop's election I have ever been involved with. Both times the election ended with no more than 2 ballots. (Joe Burnett of Nebraska won on the 1st ballot about 6 years ago.)

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