Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baseball Radio Nirvana

So I finally spent the 15 dollars (I know, I'm cheap) and got season access to Major League Baseball's gameday audio. You can have access to all the live radio broadcasts of baseball games via internet streaming.

You can apparently also, for $100 a season, get live TV streaming of all baseball games onto your computer. From the demo, it looks like its High Def and all, which is actually a pretty good deal. You can't get that package on Satellite for that little.

However, being a radio guy, I would just as soon listen to radio broadcasts than watch television any day of the week. (I still don't have cable TV hooked up to the rectory, and I have not missed having TV in the slightest for going on 4 months now.) With my little FM broadcaster that I hook up to my computer, I can broadcast all the games to my actual radio.

I must say I am enjoying it. While the Twins have a good radio announcer, I just couldn't get into to listening to the Twins exclusively. It just brought back too many bad memories of the 1991 World Series. There are certainly worse places to be stuck in baseball limbo than Twins country, but I am just not a Twins fan. I wish them well, but I lived in Chicago too long.

I always enjoyed listening to the Royals broadcaster when I was in Nebraska, but all the years I lived there, they were perennial cellar dwellers which did not make for exciting radio listening. So, it was nice to tune into that broadcast, while hopping back and forth between the Cubs and White Sox broadcasts (amongst others.) I was hoping for a Braves broadcast, but apparently they got rained out today and yesterday.

Technology is amazing.

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