Monday, May 04, 2009

Community Garden

One of the things I quickly learned about in Brookings is the town community garden. There is an old golf course on the outskirts of town where you can rent a plot of about 25' x 10' square feet or so for about $15 a plot. We got our request in to reserve one pretty much as soon as we heard about it.

I went out and planted my remaining ecumenical cabbages and a few greens this afternoon for the first time. The ground looks pretty black, so I imagine things will grow well. Usually they recommend a very late planting season. Most things other than greens and very hearty things like that I am told should not be planted before May 15th. This is South Dakota after all.

I am actually looking forward to trying a few things. I had a pretty productive herb garden at my house in Lincoln last year, so I may branch out and try a few other things. This is basically an experimental year so that I can see what I can actually grow in South Dakota and what does not really work.

Both my parents are master gardeners, so I hope I picked up a few gardening tips along the way by osmosis. I am not certain how much of that knowledge will transplant to northern climates, but we will see. I will attempt to take a few pictures the next time I go out there. The community garden is a pretty neat set-up actually. I have quite a few parishioners who have more than one plot.

I hope to have some tasty ecumenical cabbages before season's end and maybe some corn. We will see what the Archer can cook up.


Raisin said...

Eh, what's an ecumenical cabbage?!

The Archer of the Forest said...

See my previous post here about ecumenical cabbages: