Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Few Additions to the Blog

You may have noticed that I had added a few fun things to the sidebars on my blog. I have added two "Quote of the Day" features from CS Lewis and St. Augustine, which can be seen under their icon pictures.

I have also added a VodPod video widget, that I hope to update periodically with new content.

For fun, I added a few video clips from YouTube called Mr. Deity. I know one of the actors in them from my college days. The assistant with the glasses is actually a minister, or was. I am not sure if he still is or not. I hope no one is offended by them. They are a bit of parody (and there are several other episodes that I did not want get around to uploading), so please take them as such. They do ask some very poignant questions about theology though.

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