Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thought for the Day

I was digging around in the church sacristy, which I am notorious for doing, and came across an old King James Bible. Pasted on the inside cover was a now yellowing newspaper clipping with the following quote. The clipping is undated and does not attribute the saying to anyone in particular. I ran across it the other day and cannot get the words out of my mind.

See what you think:

"To say I don't need the church is mere bravado; I needed it when my father died; I needed it when we were married, and when our babies were taken from us, and I shall need it again sooner or later, and need it badly. I am in good health now, and I could, I suppose, get along very nicely for a time without a clergyman, or choir, or even prayer; but what sort of a man is he who scorns and neglects and despises his best friend until his hour of tribulation?"

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