Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Parish Rummage Sales

Rummage sales are always an interesting experience, especially church related ones and you are working the cash register in a clerical collar. You get into interesting ethical conversations like:

"Father, is this tree for sale?"
"You mean the one planted in the ground?"
"Uh, no. All items attached to the church building or grounds are not for sale."

"Is this wooden pew for sale?"
"No, only the books on it are for sale."
"Oh. Darn, I've always wanted one for my barn."

"Do you know if this old radio works?"
"No, I don't, but you can plug it in to the outlet inside if you like."
"I'll pass then."

"How much is this thing of makeup?"
"Uh, the entire box was $1."
"Oh, I just want this particular one, and I'll give you two dollars for it."

"This thing is marked 50 cents. What is it?"
"If I knew that, it would be a dollar."
"Wow...must be a bargain then. I'll take it.""

"Do you like dogs?...well, there is one here with a fish...and a potted plant with mint...how about a can of jelly. What? Oh, sorry, I'm on my bluetooth."

"This light up reindeer only has one antler!"
"Well, I can give you a discount then."
"No thanks, I'll take this light up holographic Christmas tree instead."

"Father, this picture of Jesus is marked as a dollar. I'll give you 50 cents for it."
"If it was a picture of anything else, maybe. Somehow, putting Jesus on sale seems wrong."

"Episcopalians have better rummage than the Methodists."

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Jane Ellen+ said...

Let no one ever tell me that parish ministry is dull...