Sunday, September 06, 2009

College Football Week 1 Review

There were a few surprises in the first week of college football that I didn't see coming but largely the first few games of the regular season for most teams are pretty much what I call "stupid games." Here are my week one thoughts:

I did not see Oklahoma looking so completely lackluster. Granted, their QB got badly hurt and taken out of the game in the 2nd quarter, which was concerning on a number of levels. The Oklahoma offensive line was not up to snuff against a BYU team not known for defense. If an offense is so completely dependent on one player, its a long season if one player gets hurt. The good news is that a BYU loss doesn't really mean much, as it was non-conference. If Oklahoma can win out the rest of the season (doubtful though it looks now) I think they still play for the national championship in January. If you have to lose, lose early, and work your way back up.

I was not surprised Virginia Tech lost to Alabama. They looked good the first half, but ran out of gas in the 4th quarter. Big hits, but a tough loss on the opener to the Hokies. They might bounce back, as Beamer teams tend to do, but they lost their preseason Top Ten credibility that I didn't understand why they had to begin with. On Alabama's side, I think this bodes pretty well for them repeating as Western SEC champs. New QB looked sharp; offensive didn't miss a beat. LSU is about the only other team that I think can legitimately give Alabama fits this year in the regular season.

Ohio State again proved its marginality, almost losing to Navy. Penn State looked descent against Akron, but not super. I think the Top Ten Big Ten team to be named later still will be named later.

Oklahoma State lived up to expectations and looked really good against Georgia. Their focus on defense in the off season showed up big time. Pending the outcome of Bradford's shoulder, I think Okie State becomes the dark horse in the Big XII South.

The rest of the Top Ten was largely unremarkable. Blowouts against little guys never made me all that impressed.

In non-top 10 teams,

LSU was not that impressive. I may have made a mistake making them a top ten preseason pick, but I will stick with them another week.

Tennessee looked good in its debut with a new coach, who apparently got lost before the game and barely made it in time for the Vol Walk to the Stadium. (Having gotten lost walking around the UT stadium myself, I can sympathize.) I can't remember the last time Tennessee scored over 60 points in a game. I think it was at least 8 years ago if I recall. The number of fumbles and interceptions in the first half concerned me though. You can't do that against a lot of SEC teams and get away with it.

Nebraska looked good, as much as a top 25 team can look by whooping it up on Florida "They have a Div. I football team?" Atlantic. RB scored 3 touchdowns. A good tune up game, which they are going to need next week against Arkansas State, which isn't a patsy by any means. They have a pretty good football program. I found it ironic that Kansas won their opener by the exact same score.

Why the deuce is Notre Dame (a 6-6 regular season team last year) in the Top 25? You gotta earn that in my opinion.

Oregon lost, basically proving USC is the team to beat in the Pac-10 again.

Anyway, before I digress further, here is this Archer's Top Ten:

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Alabama
4. USC
5. Oklahoma State
6. Georgia Tech
7. Ole Miss
8. Oklahoma
9. LSU
10. Nondescript Big Ten team to be named later

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