Thursday, September 10, 2009

You know University is back for fall term when...

you have a parade of skimpily clad assimilated Borg clones passing by your office window.

IPods, Blackberries, Cell phones, GPS systems, portable computers, Facebook, twitter...It's truly amazing how connected (and addicted) everyone is these days to the "hive mind" as the Borg refer to their collective consciousness in Star Trek (and I am talking original Next Generation series Borg, not the subsequent Borg Queen absolute monarchy that the concept devolved into in the movies and Voyager. I really thought that twist detracted from the concept.)

I am also always amazed at the certain level of hypocrisy in the under 30 crowd. As a group, they seem to be all about "being Green," recycling, and saving the environment, which is cool. Don't get me wrong on that. But I would like to see a read out of how much power/energy is being ate up because they can't walk down the street without their various electronic gadgets which are absolute power suckers.

And if you want to see an absolute blank stare, ask them where they think that power is coming from and tell them more likely than not its from a coal plant somewhere bellowing smoke into the air. Ironically, you get the blue screen of death from them, which I suppose is only fitting, seeing as they want to be assimilated into the latest computer gadget.

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